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Humanoid Art Exchange Community

Humanoid Exchange
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This is an art exchange community for humanoid characters (which we'd hope would be obvious from the title, but you never know.) The deal is, there are already plenty of similar communities for art trades, but most of them (in fact, all that we've been able to find) have been for furries/anthropomorphs or other animals or animal-like creatures, like werewolves and dragons. So we decided to fill the gap by creating this place, which is for just about everything with human or human-like features.

What sorts of characters are allowed? Take a look at the interest list, for starters, but basically, anything with human-ish qualities that isn't a furry or an animal. Trolls, elves/elfs, dwarfs/dwarves, fae, humans (of course,) superheroes, mutants, all of those are fine, as are other 'monsters' that have human heads, like harpies, centaurs, and so on. Cat-girls and bunny-girls and so on are okay ONLY if they're more human than animal -- the ears, tails, and possibly feet and hands have to be the only animalistic features. Otherwise you're better off in one of the numerous furry communities. Characters from certain fandoms, like Harry Potter, are allowed, but with one stipulation: they must be ORIGINAL characters -- YOUR character, created to play in that particular story universe. No canon characters; that's not the point of this exchange.

Basically, use common sense. If it's more human-like than animal-like, it's fine. Human forms of were-beast characters are also acceptable.

Format of the community: Exchanges will be done in a Secret-Santa-type style. At the beginning of each month, there will be a sign-up, and people will be randomly given someone else's character to draw before the end of the month. Those who neglect to submit a drawing before the deadline will be blacklisted until they complete it and kept from participating in the community until they've finished. Meanwhile, the character will be put up for volunteers to adopt and do art for so that its creator isn't completely left in the cold.

Completed drawings should be posted in the community -- you can link from a DeviantArt, SheezyArt, personal gallery, whatever. If you're going to direct link, please use LJ-Cut.


1: There are no ru-- okay, okay. Basically, this is the same as every other art exchange community done in this format, so I'm not going to get down to really specific detail, but one of the most important things is to do your best. We're all at different skill levels, but to steal from the rules in similar communities, draw like you'd want to be drawn for. Spend some time on it.

Tying into this, styles and materials. All styles are welcome here, whether it be realism or anime, but the thing about anime is, if it's done badly, it tends to be done *really* badly -- people make the mistake of thinking that, because it's stylized, they can get away with doing something really quick and no one will be able to tell. If you're doing anime, put some time into it, because people *can* tell.

3-D art is welcome. Animations are welcome, comics are welcome, those German cut-paper dealies that I'm too lazy to look up the word for are welcome, just about everything is fine, but if you have a question, ask. Poser art, at this time, is NOT allowed, but if someone manages to debate their case eloquently enough we might make an exception. At this time, we are ART ONLY.

If you wish to introduce yourself, please do so in this post. For those already joined, feel free to check the comments and become acquainted with new folks.