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July stuff sent.

Okay, has gone oot. If you haven't received or there are Issues, lemme know.

List of adoptions:

We have, I think, only imerald and arquel lacking art at this point -- we have more people who didn't submit, but a lot of cases where people who didn't get art didn't complete a picture, either.

So if we could get takers for arquel and imerald's characters, that'd be fantastic. Obviously we want both drawn, but feel free to submit more art for them even if someone else has already 'claimed' the character.

Their info is at:

Arquel's Ramla and Pythia

Imerald's Tatiana

As for the other people who haven't submitted and haven't received, once you get yours in you'll be added to the adoption list. Those people are: dracothorpe, who was doing westly; westly, who was doing cloudstarwolf; cloudstarwolf, who was doing labluething. So once some of the three of you do your thang we'll put you up here, as well.

Also, if I made a mistake here and you did submit art or didn't receive art, give a yell. No offense meant to anyone or anything if I goofed.
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